Translate your business into something Madrileño

Here’s everything you can find Only in Madrid to help you plan and pull off company events and conferences that are as unique as they are unforgettable.

Wide-ranging culture.
All in close proximity.

Only in Madrid can you go from a private museum tour and team breakfast in the morning to a scenic vineyard with tapas in the afternoon to finishing off the evening with a flamenco-infused reception inside a historic palace.

Filled with renowned landmarks and unique experiences, surrounded by 5 key UNESCO World Heritage sites, and as the proud world capital of both fútbol and flamenco dancing, working and meeting in Madrid—either right inside the city or just 20-30 minutes outside of it—is truly an experience unlike any other.

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Art and history that lives both inside and outside the city

Our region, with its more than 250 museums and galleries, has become a utopian enclave for the arts. Here, visitors can admire masterful brushstrokes, feel the intricate details of a sculpture, and let themselves get lost in corridors that emanate art and history.

From the Royal Palace Collections Gallery and the Golden Triangle of Art in the heart of the city to the picturesque towns and castles outside of it that feel like you’ve been transported to your own personal medieval fairytale, Madrid has a unique culture that dazzles art and history fanatics alike.

Let us
“paint you a picture”

Trust your gut, and the memories will follow

A huge part of our Madrileño culture and lifestyle revolves around taking the time to actually enjoy a meal. From the proper preparation for the perfect dish to socializing with friends and family while indulging for hours on our beloved Spanish tapas, wine, and other local delicacies.

It’s how our city and the surrounding region offer unparalleled gastronomy experiences. From our 24 Michelin-star restaurants and chefs to our traditional gourmet markets, the people of Madrid have welcomed the most diverse dishes, creating an avant-garde gastronomic scene where you can always find a meal that will still make your mouth water years later.

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Hotels worth extending your stay for

Madrid has recently undergone a profound conversion of all its offerings for high-end tourists—especially in its hotels. And today, with over 70 4-star and 5-star hotels, our city has become the new benchmark of quality for the luxury traveler.

Whether you’re here for business, leisure, or a beautiful blend of both, our hotels are a great cultural destination all their own—delivering the best views of the city and region from their terraces and swelling the list of fashionable places to stay, play, eat, and have a drink.

What we mean by

Shopping worth spending your 5-to-9 on

With our impressive luxury shopping malls—as well as our massive network of street stores that have escaped the uniformity of globalization—we’ve got you well covered with something to wear for all the business occasions you can find Only in Madrid.

Stop into our centenary shops to be transported back a hundred years in time. These traditional taverns, restaurants, clothiers, apothecaries, bookstores, and more are a unique facet within the living history of Madrileño communities where you can unearth rare collectibles.

Stroll down our atelier routes filled with the modern-day studios of working fashion designers, artisans, and architects to witness these creators showcasing their creative processes, honed techniques, and manufacturing methods for making the beautiful and original art, clothing, and accessories you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

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Thousands of meetings.
Millions of easy greetings.

Madrid hosts over 44,000 business meetings a year—including congresses, exhibitions, seminars, nearly 400 external events, and 10 major international conventions.

Our unique city, gorgeous surrounding region, unmatched culture, and ample facilities help bring together more than 2 million people and make possible countless connections—all with a minimal language barrier for Americans, Canadians, and other native English speakers.

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“suit up”

Plan your conference in Madrid

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